The decision to refit your yacht can have a significant impact on your HVAC system. For example, a renewed propulsion system will require the engine room ventilation and technical spaces to be upgraded to meet the new system demands. Likewise, air conditioning in the accommodation areas may need to be fine-tuned. We provide technology surveys prior to your refit to identify its impact and any possible challenges, and follow this up with advice on the most suitable upgrade solutions. Once we have highlighted any necessary interior and structural adjustments we continue to provide support regarding the new design and engineering.


Synergy specialists audit and review your current onboard HVAC system to ensure that it consistently runs at optimum performance. We recommend when improvements can be done, and provide continual support by writing the upgrade specifications and ensuring that these are implemented according to your wishes and demands.


An HVAC system consumes approximately 50% of the total electrical load on board a superyacht, but this means great energy saving solutions within the system are available. By inspecting and/or monitoring your current system, we can optimise it to reduce your overall energy consumption, simultaneously decreasing your environmental footprint and economising on fuel. By recalculating your true system requirements, we can reduce your power output and downsize your equipment, which means less weight, less technical space and smaller tanks (or larger range). There are multiple options available to make your systems perform better, such as cooling on demand, CO2 controlled systems, economic modes, and more. At Synergy, we identify your needs and implement these smart solutions in the HVAC system.


Energy conservation is at the forefront of the yachting industry at present. In addition to technological innovations, there are ways in which you can cut energy consumption purely by readdressing how your yacht is being run. By reviewing your existing HVAC system, we analyse your yacht’s current energy consumption and provide you with a written report that outlines how you can best achieve significant energy savings. We then work together with you to make both your yacht and HVAC system more environmental friendly without having to compromise on comfort or performance.

refits and upgrades
refits and upgrades