energy synergy



An HVAC system consumes approximately 50% of the total electrical load* on board a superyacht, but this means great energy saving solutions within the system are available. By inspecting and/or monitoring your current system, we can optimise it to reduce your overall energy consumption, simultaneously decreasing your environmental footprint and economising on fuel. By recalculating your true system requirements, we can reduce your power output and downsize your equipment, which means less weight, less technical space and smaller tanks (or larger range). There are multiple options available to make your systems perform better, such as cooling on demand, CO2 controlled systems, economic modes, and more.
At Synergy, we identify your needs and implement these smart solutions in the HVAC system. We support you to meet IMO 2050 targets.

* Current average energy consumption



We support in innovative solutions that can help our clients contribute to a more sustainable world. We strongly believe it is possible to improve your current or new build HVAC system without doing concessions to the comfort and save operational costs and energy at the same time. By taking a closer look at your HVAC system and adjust this to the needed equipment you will lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions. By this approach you will have an optimal inside climate and environmental conditions.

Because we are independent climate control consultants we do not benefit by selling equipment. We want to know your expectations and experiences and support you in achieving to get that system. This is why it is very important that we are involved in the early stage during the development of a yacht. The basic design, equipment choice and building solutions can make a major difference in the energy savings on board.

Besides this, government regulations will become stricter. Our aim is to save costs by improving efficiency, making the systems smarter and reduce equipment while operating more ecologically.


Energy conservation is at the forefront of the yachting industry at present. In addition to technological innovations, there are ways in which you can cut energy consumption purely by readdressing how your yacht is being run. By reviewing your existing HVAC system, we analyse your yacht’s current energy consumption and provide you with a written report that outlines how you can best achieve significant energy savings. We then work together with you to make both your yacht and HVAC system more environmental friendly without having to compromise on comfort or performance.


Synergy specialists audit and review your current onboard HVAC system to ensure that it consistently runs at optimum performance. We recommend when improvements can be done, and provide continual support by writing the upgrade specifications and ensuring that these are implemented according to your wishes and demands.